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About Medzinity

Medzinity is a Technology & data driven company providing healthcare support services and products to enhance and optimize healthcare eco system.

With a decade of experience with data and insights, we are working with global enterprises by empowering their businesses and strategic partnerships. We drive the transformation through technology and data insights and navigate to the infinite possibilities. We are committed to being an organization governed by the policies and ethical values.

Medzinity aims to provide innovative and cost-effective products and solutions to healthcare providers, law firms, insurance companies, pharma and research companies. We offer customized healthcare solutions, data analytics, and innovation-driven healthcare transformation services.

Medzinity envisions a world where everyone has access to high-quality, affordable healthcare. We believe that technology and data can play a major role in making this vision a reality, and we are committed to developing innovative solutions that improve the healthcare experience for patients, providers, and payers.

What we Do?

Healthcare support Services

Customized healthcare solutions that streamline healthcare operations and increase efficiency

Healthcare Data Analytics

Data-driven insights that help our clients make informed decisions and improve patient outcomes.

Innovation and Research

Innovation-driven healthcare transformation that leverages cutting-edge technologies to transform the healthcare industry

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Our Services

Medical Records processing

We ensure accurate payment to Hospitals, Doctors, Physicians or any medical providers through the services we provide.

Revenue Cycle Management

We process and make sure patients have eligible insurance on file determining costs for various treatments also for faster and more accurate claims transmission.


We help identify and respond to drug safety issues. We are involved in varying degree in all the phases of clinical trials and identify possible rare but serious ADRs and possible actions to prevent the negative impact

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Clientele and Industries we serve

Healthcare providers

Law firms

Insurance companies

Pharma companies

Medical device companies

Clinical research